Jackie Jinse Moran
Jackie Jinse Moran

New York Mag Nightlife



New Yorkers are great and all, but professional reviewers they are not. Bad reviews have the capacity to ruin our evenings.

The below campaign is for the NY Mag Nightlife section which provide professional reviews for bars in NYC. 

Copywriter: Ben Brown  Art Director: Tis I


Branded digital boards that track in real-time. 

Uses pressure sensors and lasers to track people’s movement at crosswalks and on platforms. 
Makes real the idea that New Yorkers can’t be trusted.



Digital/projected billboards at NY landmarks display a selection of REAL reviews from Yelp.



"Worst freedom monument I've ever been to."

- An Actual Yelp Review

scan, learn, and compile through ny mag nightlife app

App for discovering and collecting NY Mag approved bars, lounges, and nightclubs. Find the critic's picks, see where your friends are going, or scan a bar that you happen to pass everyday but never go into. You can then compile them into a personal list or "crawl".

Scannable Personal Signs

Specific signs outside NYMag-approved bars let users scan and add bars to their crawls. Users can check out each other’s crawls or focus on
building their own.