Jackie Jinse Moran
Jackie Jinse Moran

Hamilton X Shake Shack


a taste of hamilton

Hamilton and Shake Shack are popular for a reason. Enjoy them together to
appreciate why both are undoubtable American classics.

Copywriter: Sam Eisen Art Director: This lady right here


Hamilton coloring tray

Use the Shake Shack app to bring Hamilton characters to life with special trays at NYC Shake Shack locations.

Just color the characters to see them sing, dance, and cheat death.



walk in hamilton's footsteps

Many historical Hamilton events happened in the Tri-state area. Use the Shake Shake app to go on a guided tour with musical accompaniment.


Augmented Reality function built into app

At each Hamiltour stop, the app with activate the augmented reality function. Hold up the screen and watch history unfold. 

NYC Shake Shack locations will be giving out branded Google Cardboards for a more immersive experience. 



singing snap currency

Flip on a Snapchat Shake Shack/Hamilton filter and hold up that bastard orphan’s mug to hear a song for the musical. Combine with Washington (dollar bill)  and TJ (nickel) to hear the famous cabinet rap battles. 




Hamilton loved ham. Fact. 
Ham sandwiches have ham.
Also fact. 

Get Hamilton’s namesake sandwich, sold at all New York restaurants.

Bonus: When you pay for the sandwich with a Hamilton $10 bill, a snippet of a Hamilton song plays over the speakers.