Jackie Jinse Moran
Jackie Jinse Moran



The world’s first inclusive magazine.

Using the e-versions of magazines, we’re letting users choose the models they see, giving more readers representation than ever before.


How it works:

Users select the covergirl they want to see, who best matches their skin tone or ethnicity. The magazines will then adjust photos as well as certain promoted products and content. Readers can immerse themselves in content that, for once, reflects their own notion of beauty.


Magazines across America

To build hype around the campaign we'll do a real life takeover of selected newsstands.
Our diverse magazines will flood the market and build a buzz around the notion of beauty that is inclusive.



The Faces of
every girl

We're extending the campaign to our own  advertising to reaffirm our message that beauty is for everyone.  We're hitting the streets to get real women to be the models of our banner ads. Women everywhere will be able to take part in the movement and become
a Covergirl.